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End-to-End Clinical & Molecular Laboratory Services

ID Tech Molecular is a full-service molecular and clinical laboratory that offers a complete suite of sample collection, laboratory testing, and reporting / analysis capabilities. Our services combine a quick and effective mobile phlebotomy process with our own nationally certified laboratory and an easy-to-use online results portal. This combination enables us to effectively perform both molecular and clinical analysis on lab samples and identify infectious diseases in under 24 hours.

As a component of our reporting process, ID Tech can also develop extensive antimicrobial stewardship analyses to determine pathogen resistance levels and identify optimal treatment options. The result is a seamless process for providing patients, doctors, and facility managers with all the lab information they need to confidently and decisively care for themselves and their residents.

“Regardless of whether you’re a hospital, care center, clinic, or another lab, we make sure you and all your patients receive fast, effective, and comprehensive lab results and analysis.”

Nile Thompson, CEO, ID Tech Molecular 

Best Practices Rooted In Decades of Experience

Mobile Phlebotomy

ID Tech’s team of mobile phlebotomists are professionally trained and equipped to collect lab samples from any facility and from all types of patients.

Molecular qPCR

ID Tech employs an innovative molecular qPCR process to detect unique RNA and DNA sequences for unparalleled accuracy in pathogen identification.

Traditional Assays

ID Tech runs traditional culture tests on every sample to collect phenotypical assays for doctors and physicians.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Every pathogen we detect in lab samples is analyzed for antibody resistance and for its sensitivity to known drug treatments.

Nationally Certified & Professionally Managed



ID Tech conducts more than 100,000 tests every year for our clients and partners, including through managed services for other labs.



Our Molecular qPCR analysis, combined with the use of traditional assays and cultures, results in unparalleled testing accuracy and effectiveness. 



As more doctors and physicians across the country recognize the benefits of our end-to-end lab services, our client base is growing quickly. Join the movement!

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ID Tech is proud to partner with nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living centers across the country to provide fast and effective laboratory testing services. With our combination of experienced personnel, innovative technology, and industry-leading testing and reporting capabilities, we are confident that you will recognize the difference that our company makes in serving our mutual patients. We’re here for you when you’re ready.

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