Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial Stewardship

As lab samples are tested and the results are posted online, ID Tech documents the records in our national pathogen database. By compiling and evaluating these records over time, our team can provide extensive analysis regarding the susceptibility and resistance of various regional pathogens, as well as historical trends for infections found within specific patients or facilities.

How It Works

ID Tech’s antimicrobial analysis is delivered through a variety of methods. Although standard antibody testing is conducted for all lab samples we test, our team is also capable of providing more sophisticated reporting for entire facilities or regions, as well as advanced analysis on pathogen resistance to known drugs and treatment options.

Standard Lab Test Results
The lab results from every sample that we analyze are posted online within 24-48 hours after the sample is first collected. These results are provided on our online platform and are accessible by both patients and doctors for review. These standard reports only focus on the lab results for specific patients.
Patient & Facility Antimicrobial Analysis
In addition to general lab results, ID Tech’s clients can choose to request more advanced patient or facility-wide reporting features. These reports provide a thorough analysis of all detected pathogens and include guidance on antimicrobial resistance and potential treatment options.

Monthly Facility Analysis Reports
Facilities can rely on ID Tech for sophisticated monthly reporting. This analysis summarizes the various pathogens detected in patients each month and provides data relative to antimicrobial resistance, treatment effectiveness, and other important updates.