Our Approach

How We Operate

ID Tech’s service structure combines a quick and effective mobile phlebotomy process with our own nationally certified laboratory testing facility that can perform both molecular and clinical analysis. As results are gathered, data is posted online to our digital portal for easy viewing by doctors and patients. These results include extensive antibody resistance analysis that helps determine pathogen resistance levels to known treatment options.

Core Process Features

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Mobile Phlebotomy

ID Tech’s team of phlebotomists travel to patient and facility locations to collect lab samples for direct transport to our lab.

Molecular qPCR

Our qPCR technology identifies unique pathogen genomes on a molecular level and offers highly accurate results within 24 hours.

Traditional Assays

Our laboratory conducts traditional culture tests on every lab sample we receive and post results within 72 hours of samples being taken.

Antimicrobial Reporting

Any pathogens found during our lab tests are analyzed for resistance and sensitivity to known drugs and treatment options.

Online Results

The lab results from every sample that we analyze are posted online within 24-48 hours for easy viewing by patients and doctors.

The above five steps in our process cover the entire laboratory testing lifecycle, from sample collection and delivery to testing, analysis, and reporting. For facilities and practitioners interested in leveraging our services, see all the steps to signing up via the below checklist.

How Our Process Works

1. Create An Account

Contact ID Tech by phone, email, or chat to begin creating your account. After we conduct the appropriate due diligence and create login credentials, you will gain access to our online portal.

2. Order Tests

Once you’ve gained access to our portal, you can order new tests directly online. Our team of mobile phlebotomists travel to your facility or residence to collect lab samples, and you can track their progress online.

3. Mobile Phlebotomy

Our mobile phlebotomy team is professionally trained and equipped to gather samples for any type of lab test, including infectious diseases. They are also trained to handle all types of patients.

4. Clinical & Molecular Analysis

Once our phlebotomy team delivers samples to our lab, we conduct tests through a combination of molecular qPCR analysis and traditional clinical assays. Our process ensures 99.8%+ sensitivity and susceptibility.

5. Antimicrobial Stewardship

As a component of our testing process, any pathogens detected are automatically tested for antibody resistance and for sensitivity to known treatment options. This goes a long way in helping with prescriptions.

6. Results Posted Online

Once all of our analysis is completed, we post the full results to our online portal for easy viewing by patients and doctors. Results are typically posted within 24-48 hours of samples being collected.